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Just a lil doodle, about 2 hours I guess

Music inspired  - The Echelon Effect  Minack

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For fun, a quick sketch

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Quick sketch for fun) 

Posted 1 month ago

I had some free time to do AJ’s art at last :3 Missed drawing smth Deus Ex-ish so much. 

" Need a lift, pretty girl? Baby, you can drive my car. ;) " Obviously, a joke, based on the situation how Meg and Adam met. Eh, yes, he presented a toy car to her later, but it’s just a nice touch for you to understand the story in the pic. 

I love non-augmented Adam :3 So handsoooommeeeee :P

P.S. Was dedicated to AJ’s birthday, which was yesterday,  on 9.03

P.S.S. Had hard times while making his SWAT armor, Idk how really it was like, there is no pics of it both in the game and comics ( Eh, so I ended up with some lil modificated heavy police armour :D It’s pity, that Adam and his past remains untold, meaning his life with parents and up to present, just some facts(

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Note offtop - on 9.03  I’ll show smth Deus Ex-ish. Well, I can’t help that, Adam has a birthday :3

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Recent traditional drawings from my sketchbook

1 - watercolours +colour pencils

2 - 2b, 6b pencils + white\red gouache

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 Will fix the peprspective later :3

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Just a 30 min doodle :3

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Posted 3 months ago

Just replaying TW2 , needed to draw him again :3